CoFormas offers a wide-range of services including but not limited to:



We will find the best solution to meet your project specific needs and budget.


Planning is an essential part of the process. This is where we define with our clients the scope of work.


It is all about details. Based on our scope of work we will provide you with a design model. For us is important that you understand and agree with all the details.


We can provide you with estimates from affordable to luxury level, depending on the type of project and requirements. We can show you some options to optimize your budget and frame.


Before placing the order, we will provide you with a final plan or Shop drawings set which is a set of detailed drawings for a final review and approval.


We offer a flexible and organized logistic solution for your projects. We understand how to efficiently order, receive, store, and deliver materials to the jobsite. This is the difference between a good or bad customer experience.

Once the product is ready, we will coordinate with your project team for scheduling and delivery to the jobsite. We will carefully supervise the delivery to prevent damages.


We work with a selected group of qualified cabinet and closet installers that have the knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver and install the product within the required time frame and standards.

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