We deliver solutions to Builders, Developers and Contractors. We import and wholesale high-quality european-style kitchens and bathroom cabinets,  countertops and closets at a very competitive price for:  

  • New Development Condominiums
  • New/ Remodel Multi-Unit Projects
  • Condo-Conversions
  • Rental Communities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Mixed-Used Projects
  • Hotel Buildings

    We focus on delivering exceptional high-quality products and an integrated service to meet our clients’ specific budgets and time frames.

We assist our clients in finding the best cabinet and closet solutions for every space. We guide and support them in every stage of the process.  


We are a group of dedicated professionals that work together to ensure a successful execution of the projects, while delivering the best experience to our customers.  Our team is composed of experts in the following fields:

  • Design
  • Planning & Construction
  • Project Management Estimating
  • Client Relation
  • Sales & Marketing
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